Theater reviews

It was actually my father’s suggestion that I become The Daily’s resident theater critic. I’m not sure what it was, or when he realized it, but he was right. That’s what I wanted, to see live theater, for free.

To be fair, I have really specific tastes. I like realist drama. That’s what I like, that’s about it. I am harsh to all things I hate, but as I started taking more people to more plays, I realized the company you keep has a lot of influence on the opinions you form.

My dad’s suggestion became a part of my life, my social network, my community. I was given a tiny bit of expertise and something much bigger to share with other people.

I became interested in the Seattle theater scene, as a microcosm of people, prejudices, and social plays.

I would like to continue to work with the Seattle theater scene.

And maybe, one day, I’ll even join that improv team I’ve always talked about joining.


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