whistle AND work,

i just ate 50,000 calories in two days. The Internet says I’m supposed to eat around 2,000 to 3,000 calories in two days. So quick, someone who’s good with fractions, help us out here.

Maybe I have an issue with food?

I think this is what they call binge eating. I just sat down in bed with a lot of food and won’t get back out until it’s gone.

Should I chase a dream or make the practical choice? All summer long, they’ve asked me what my dream job is. My answer was this: I would like a job that pays me as much as my two jobs paid me. I want a job I like but that allows me paid time-off, benefits, and work-life balance. I feel like I’ve worked myself so hard, maybe on purpose, so that my standards for work stay low. Is it such a bad thing, I continually ask myself, to just work to work and live the rest of your life too?

I think we are brought up to believe our jobs are one of the most important parts of our identity. One of my personal crusades RN — besides unnecessary plastic bags to group produce together — is paying respect to ALL job titles.

When I de-boarded the plane coming home from Costa Rica — my layover was in Phoenix — I was far back in the plane and the cleaning crew was already starting the first few rows. When I got to the front of the plane, I looked directly at the four cleaners in jarring vests, crouching slightly, heads almost bowed, eyes averted.

The captain and members of the flight crew were standing by the exit, chins up, eyes steady and beaming straight out into the oncoming stroll of people.

I said thank you to both parties, but the entire situation made me feel uncomfortable. Here was one group of workers who waited and expected gratitude while the other didn’t even expect acknowledgement of existence.

I always get high and mighty and then ask myself: What job would you rather have — CEO or janitor? Why does Will Hunting answer the equation, why isn’t he simply happy scrubbing floors?


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